Learn Do Share is …

a book series
Learn Do Share is a book series that captures storytelling experiments at our events. The result of our open collaboration are rather unusual look-do-and-think-books that explore the methods we used, pitfalls we encountered and lessons we learned when we try to trigger social innovation with playful, experiential stories.

a set of collaborative experiments and methods
At Learn Do Share we like to experiment and play with concepts from various areas. The globally roving event series is a testbed for a variety of labs that aim at designing with participants. At the moment we run the following:

•    a one-hour Wish for The Future Open Design Challenge experiments with different methods to let 15 to 600 people prototype a wish (connected to www.wishforthefuture.com).
•   a 1.5 hour story-led game around a Wish For The Future
•   a StorySprint is a mix of design thinking, storytelling, game mechanics, co-creation management and transmedia production.
•    multi-day workshops called Reboot Labs

a resource on collaboration, design fiction and social innovation
Focusing on the cross-section between design thinking, collaboration and storytelling, we release new content quarter-yearly. In addition to our changemaker conversations we create a series of case studies and templates, each of which explains and reflects on collaborative experiments and social prototyping. Our work is developed by scientists, storytellers, designers, hackers, producers, fans, architects and engineers.

a place to collaborate
We’re an international community of creatives and welcome collaborators from all over the world. Together with our participants at diy days we establish a directory to harness content, community and activities. We gradually grow this effort into a larger entity, providing a platform for the diy days community to set goals, recap, peruse and reconnect.

a shared asset
Learn Do Share is released under a NonCommercial ShareAlike Creative Commons license to be shared, remixed and expanded non-commercially, as long as you credit Learn Do Share and license your new creations under the identical terms. If you’re interested in commercial use, please contact us.

As a whole, we think of Learn Do Share as a social innovation engine grounded in reflections on purposeful 21st century storytelling. Our goal is to downsize the gap between R&D findings and everyone.

Learn Do Share started out with a booksprint initiated by Ele Jansen as part of her ethnographic research methodology for her PhD at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. With the help of several collaborators the project found its current shape and is facilitated by Reboot Stories, a social incubator focusing on social innovation and creative sustainability that builds creative solutions to make the world work for 100% of humanity while empowering people to harness their own creativity. Through participatory storytelling projects, events, social hacks and experiential educational efforts, storytelling and social experiences are used as transformative agents for change.

Learn Do Share is
 an internationally roving event for those who create, free to participants and run
 by volunteers in the spirit of collaborative culture. Reboot Stories LLC designs these gatherings around sharing ideas and resources that help creators to fund, create, distribute and sustain their work. Experimental elements that explore the future of social innovation are complimented with talks, networking and playful activities that are meant to spark the imaginations of many. http://www.events.learndoshare.net

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA